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Theiner's sauna area

Wellness for mind, body and soul

A Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, a bio-sauna with herbs and a tub with cold water are at your disposal. Let daily stress evaporate and revitalize with new energy!

Steam bath

Temperatures between 45° and 48° C are lower than dry saunas. Instead, the humidity is much higher (90-100%) and exceeds the saturation limit (producing fog). As in the sauna, aromatic jets of steam can take place.

Biosauna with herbs

The bio-sauna, also known as a low-temperature sauna, has a humidity of 50-60% and an average temperature of 55-60 ° C. The aromatic herbs used come directly from our garden. The goal of the biosauna is to stimulate circulation. Therefore, you can stay inside a bit longer.

Finnish sauna

In the Finnish sauna, dry hot air prevails; the temperature is between 90° and 100° C and the humidity is 10%. The Finnish sauna cleanses the body of waste products and strengthens the immune system, heart and circulation.


The Aufguss or steam jet consists in pouring cold or hot water on hot stones.
Procedure: the water evaporates on the stones at a temperature equal to approx. 100 ° C, increasing the humidity in a short time. The steam rises upwards and the sauna master distributes it homogeneously into the environment, by waving a towel. This movement causes the layer of air present on the surface of the skin to evaporate with hot air and the body continues to heat up. Therefore, the steam jet amplifies the sensation of heat. For non-regular visitors, we recommend sitting on the lower benches, where the air is less hot.


  • Sweating on the wood: use the towel to guarantee the hygiene of the environment.
  • Excessive movement during the resting phases: it makes sense to practice sports only before the session. During the breaks, it only creates unnecessary stress for the circulation.
  • Noise: please kindly respect and preserve the quiet atmosphere inside the sauna (for example, avoid speaking out loud).
  • If possible, please do not leave during the steam jets (unless you feel unwell). Rather, enter just before the jets and sit on one of the lower benches.
  • Do not forget the cooling phase with a cold shower or a quick jet of fresh water, in order to benefit from the invigorating effects on the immune system and circulation.
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