Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten
Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten
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Organic saunas and organic pools

Refreshing and revitalising in equal measure

Let us take your mind on a journey. You open the door to the organic sauna in the wellness garden. You take a seat on the stone-pine bench and inhale the scent of the mix of herbs. Revitalising rosemary, refreshing lemon balm, and joyous thyme awaken your spirit. In the pleasantly warm air, your respiration, skin, and circulation are regenerated. Take a look at theiner’s garten.

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Our steam bath

At temperatures between 45 and 48°C and with high levels of humidity (between 90 and 100%), let the aromatic steam swirl in and around your nose and inhale new strength and energy with every breath.

Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten

Our organic sauna

In this low-temperature sauna (55 to 60°C), your sauna session is one thing above all else: good for your circulation. Of course, the herbs for the infusions come from the hotel’s own herb garden. Enjoy the beneficial curative effects of the organic herbs à la theiner’s garten.

Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten

Our Finnish sauna

It gets really hot in our Finnish sauna. By alternating with a refreshing leap into our cold-water pool, you can get your metabolism working and boost your immune system.

Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten

Our Kneipp path

The Kneipp therapy developed by priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897) is founded on the five pillars of nutrition, movement, herbs, water, and balance. The effectiveness of the water treatments is based on stimulation created by jets of warm and cold water on the skin. The treatments strengthen and boost the immune system.

Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten

theiner’s garten Kneipp treatments

Kneipp well-being treatment
€115.00 per person

Traditional water rituals

There is healing in water; it is the simplest, cheapest and – when properly applied – the safest remedy”. – Sebastian Kneipp 
The effect of watertreatments is based on stimulithat are triggered in our nervous system by pouring water on our skin. The application serves above all to strengthen our immune system and to activate blood and lymph circulation. 
The package price includes the following applications: 

  • Dry burst massage 
  • Kneipp water treatment 
  • Rest with herbal tea › Draining leg massage 
  • Resting
Organic sauna bliss at theiner’s garten

theiner’s garten spa etiquette: short and sweet

  • Enter the sauna with your towel only (no clothing of any kind).
  • Sit on your towel.
  • Give yourself plenty of time.
  • Please only exercise before your sauna session, not during or after.
  • Silence is golden in the sauna.
  • Alternating between Kneipp bath and cold shower after your sauna session is an essential part of a successful sauna routine.
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