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"Sleep well" - sleep better, live better

Having trouble sleeping? You're not alone!

Balanced sleep promotes mental health, reduces stress, and prevents burnout.

The new sleep retreat aims to provide you with deeper and more restful sleep by focusing on the regeneration of body, mind, and soul. Only those who are well-rested can face the daily growing challenges of life.

Included for you:

  • 3 nights stay including all theiner's garten inclusive services and our 3/4 board 
  • Consultation at the beginning of the retreat 
  • Balancing harmony bath 
  • Soothing stone pine wrap with a stone pine pillow 
  • Two energetic treatments 
  • A mindfulness time just for you (by appointment: dream journey, sound bowl meditation, or a gentle tranquility treatment) 

from €766.00 p.p. incl. 3/4 board for 3 nights
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