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Sustainability at theiner’s garten
Sustainability at theiner’s garten
Sustainability at theiner’s garten
Sustainability at theiner’s garten
Sustainability at theiner’s garten
Sustainability at theiner’s garten
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Caring for nature. Living with nature.

A powerful place that’s full of heart

Exactly where our theiner’s garten stands today was once a biodynamically cultivated orchard belonging to the Theiner family. It has therefore always been a place of regeneration, peace, and relaxation. That’s why we chose the name “theiner’s garten”. Yet, being an organic hotel means more than building sustainably and preparing good food. Organic means using linen made from certified organic cotton and choosing environmentally and skin-friendly detergents and cleaning agents. Organic means working in a sustainable way in every sector of our hotel and using eco-friendly products. 100%. And we do it with conviction.

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„At theiner’s garten, the average CO2 consumption per guest and night is around 5kg. In comparison: The average at conventional hotels is around 30 to 50kg per guest and night.“
Theiner's Garten

The history of theiner’s garten

Sustainability, caring for nature, and healthy, high-quality, and organic food has always been part of our philosophy of life. When Walter Theiner took over the Bergerhof farm from his father in 1980, it was clear to him that he would convert it to biodynamic agriculture. We’ve had our Demeter certification since 1984. Yes, you heard that right! In 1984, our Bergerhof farm received the coveted award and became a Demeter company. After the siblings Armin, Heike, and Ingo Theiner became more and more involved in the business and farm in the early 2000s, and eventually took it over, Myriam and Walter Theiner had another project in mind: the construction and management of an organic hotel. The fact that all brothers and sisters then joined them brought them great joy and satisfaction.

Sustainability at theiner’s garten

The construction: organic? Of course!

For the Theiner family, the only option was to build a hotel strictly according to sustainable construction guidelines. After a lot of planning, consulting, overwhelming bureaucracy, and sleepless nights, the project came to life: On 21 March 2009, the Theiner family welcomed its first guests at theiner’s garten. Only selected, natural materials were used for the construction, while all rooms were built in wood. The result: dreamlike rooms and suites with reduced radiation, furnished with natural materials, where people feel at home. No noise, no hustle, plenty of space.

Sustainability at theiner’s garten

Climate-positive hotel

We at theiner’s garten are ready to take responsibility for the world we leave to our children and grandchildren. As one of the first climate-positive hotels in South Tyrol, we are making a small yet important contribution. As the name suggests, “climate-positive” means offsetting twice as much CO2 as we’ve created. In other words, it’s about more than just being neutral. That is our contribution to a better world.

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Sustainability at theiner’s garten

Sustainable agriculture

Most fruits and vegetables, as well as many herbs, come directly from our own production. In order to use as many ingredients as possible from our garden, we pay attention to seasonality when creating our menu. In the true spirit of the motto: only what is currently growing ends up on the table. In general, all food and drinks served at theiner’s garten come from controlled organic cultivation. But what does that mean? It means that agricultural production is environmentally and soil-friendly, and that no synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilisers are used. The livestock farming is species-appropriate, and animals are only fed with organically grown feed. The organic farming is inspected by inspection bodies recognised by the state. And because inspection is good and builds trust, we have our organic hotel thoroughly checked, too. Several times a year – announced, but also unannounced.

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Sustainability at theiner’s garten

We’re Demeter certified!

Demeter is the oldest organic association. Demeter agriculture is considered to be the most sustainable form of cultivation and often goes far beyond the requirements of the EU organic production regulation. The key component of this agriculture: The farmers use biodynamic preparations to improve the health of soil and plants, to promote astral forces, and thus to produce particularly healthy and energy-filled food. They also incorporate the influence of the moon and the stars (lunar calendar), and try to implement closed-loop agriculture as far as possible. Demeter products are the pinnacle of organic food!

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„Did you know that theiner’s garten is the first hotel in Italy to be recommended by Demeter? We’re incredibly happy and proud to have this certification and are ready to welcome you. Step inside!“
Theiner's Garten

Important certifications:

ClimaHost 2019 for the most climate-friendly hotel in the Alps | ClimaHotel certification | Special jury prize at the South Tyrolean Mobility Prize 2019 | Recommended by Demeter (as the first hotel in Italy) | GeoSaison 2022

Sustainability at theiner’s garten

Sustainability at our hotel

Our goal at theiner’s garten is to operate sustainably, keep our CO2 consumption as low as possible, and to offset it with adequate measures. To achieve this goal, everybody plays their part. Do you have any suggestions for us? We’re always happy to learn new ways to save resources!

Energy saving
  • Lights are only turned on when necessary. When the sun shines through the windows of our bar, restaurant, and pool, the lights must be turned off.
  • We only heat or air-condition rooms that are occupied.
  • Appliances and stoves are only turned on when necessary.
  • We adjust our sauna opening hours according to demand.
  • Our solar and photovoltaic panels cover 50% of the required annual energy.
Waste avoidance and recycling
  • Whenever and wherever possible we avoid producing unnecessary waste.
  • Paper, cardboard, glass, wood, and organic waste is collected, separated, and recycled.
  • Residual waste is stored in containers to save space.
  • We only use recycled paper. For internal use, we reuse sheets already written on one side.
  • Plastic waste and microplastics pollute our soil and seas. We therefore try to avoid plastic products as much as possible.
  • We replace plastic packaging with other products when possible.
  • We only use recycled cling film produced without plasticiser. We also try to avoid aluminium foil whenever possible.
  • We don’t use straws at the bar.
  • Guests’ plastic bottles are recycled.
  • Water is a precious resource that we try to save as much as possible. At the same time, we do everything we can to avoid contaminating groundwater.
  • Don’t let water run unnecessarily.
  • The water of the Kneipp facility is turned off at night, unless it’s needed to water our garden.
  • Our biodegradable washing and cleaning agents are used sparingly, as even organic detergents and cleaning agents can pollute groundwater, rivers, and lakes.
  • We only change bed linen and towels when requested by our guests. We do not use tablecloths.
  • Organic food is produced with a lot of effort and hard work. We try our best to use all parts of it so that as little as possible ends up in organic waste.
  • We buy consciously and only as much as necessary, so that our products are always fresh.
  • Leftovers are also precious and are used with creativity and know-how, for example leftover vegetables are used for broth or vegetable soup, bread for crisps at the bar, and much more.
  • We deliberately serve small portions, but you can always ask for more. As a result, less food ends up as waste.
  • We focus on seasonality: For example, we only serve oranges when they’re ripe in Italy.
  • Especially when it comes to meat, we require the best local quality. We also consciously reduce the number of meat dishes.
  • To us, sustainability also means treating others in a respectful and kind way, and helping each other when we notice that someone needs a hand. We show humanity and sometimes do things that are not strictly part of our job.

“Biohotels” partnership

Our theiner’s garten is part of the Biohotels partnership. This association is a group of over 80 hotels and restaurants around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, founded 20 years ago. All these companies are 100% organic, just like our theiner’s garten. The list of measures and requirements to become a member of the association is long, a maximum CO2 consumption per guest is just one of numerous points. By the way: Thanks to its high score, our theiner’s garten is the leading hotel. We’re extremely proud of that.

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Member of “ZEMA LIFEalps”

Our theiner’s garten is also part of the “ZEMA - LIFEalps” association. Its aim is to promote car-free holidays. Our participation means our guests receive certain benefits, for example a discounted hydrogen car.

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