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Holidays immersed in nature in South Tyrol

theiner's garden concept

The concept of garden as a relaxation area and source of energy runs through theiner's garten as a common thread. It is no coincidence that the spaces that make up our Bio Vitalhotel have been named after different "gardens". You will be surprised...

The garden of dreams

With this evocative image we refer to our rooms. Here, you can enjoy a restful sleep, a fundamental factor for a better quality of life.


The garden of taste

We are talking about the restaurant. Everything that arrives to the table is 100% organic. Myriam Theiner personally guarantees it. Our many guests are impressed by the wholesomeness of the "bio" taste.


The wellness garden

Savouring with all the senses... this is how the wellness garden, or our wellness area, was conceived. Here, you can experience moments of total regeneration.


The energy garden

As you may have guessed, this is the fitness room. Our programme includes yoga, Pilates and many other health-conscious activities.


The smile garden

Gleeful laughter and a feeling of natural lightness pervade the realm dedicated to our young guests, complemented by the fantastic outdoor playground.


Ingo Theiner says:

„Of course, theiner's garten has other gardens to offer. There is the one with aromatic herbs, where my father cultivates the precious products that offer an unmistakable taste to our gastronomic creations, and the Mediterranean garden, with enchanting corners of quiet. Finally, there is my Bergerhof. Enjoy a walk through the orchards and recharge with new vitality in contact with nature!“

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