On the biodynamic trail

The new educational path at Bergerhof

Next to theiner's garten is Bergerhof, the kingdom of Ingo Theiner. On a surface area of seven hectares, he cultivates organic fruit including Williams pears, plums, apricots and, above all, varieties of apples such as Braeburn, Topaz, Gala, Pilot and Gold Rush. For an even richer harvest, in 2017 he focused on peaches, nectarines, paw paw, table grapes as well as heirloom and red pulp apples. Ingo also supplies his products to theiner's garten, which he manages with his family holding the position of chairman of the board of directors.

In the farm, an educational path was created to illustrate biodynamic farming to hotel guests. "My father Walter converted the Bergerhof to organic farming in 1980. Since 1984 we have been certified Demeter for biodynamic production. We were among the first farms to become certified in Italy", says Ingo.
He carries on his father's teachings. He developed a particular interest in the fields, even completing specific training. Observe and perceive what the earth, trees and plants need. "I do not see a tree alone as such, but as a partner. I often take some time to walk through the fields to understand what our plants could benefit from," explains the farmer. This is the essence of the biodynamic method.

Horn-manure and horn-silica are the core of biodynamics. These preparations are substances derived directly from nature, treated according to a pre-established procedure (e.g. underground) and used in small quantities. They promote the composting process, revitalizing the earth, with an action similar to that of homeopathic products.

In addition to being a biodynamic fruit grower, Ingo cultivates another passion: the production of spirits. At the Bergerhof, he has made his dream come true. Here, he makes several high-quality spirits, tasted and sold at theiner's garten; like the honey, produced by a friend beekeeper on his farm. "Our fields are a paradise for bees. In fact, among the rows of trees, we sow varieties of clover, medicinal herbs and yellow mustard so that the busy insects can take all the nourishment they need", concludes Ingo.

Fact: the flowers that adorn theiner's garten come from Bergerhof and are grown according to organic principles, just like the fruit.

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