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Hotel with yoga close to Merano, South Tyrol

Replenish with health

Yoga, pilates, fitness: at theiner's garten, we will offer you these and many other opportunities! The area on the roof terrace, with a magnificent view of the surrounding orchards and mountains, is a favourite place to practice many different activities. In addition, the educational trail on the nearby farm is great for interesting walks.
(for an extra charge)


(with an extra charge)
Especially in today's world, where stress and rushing are a part of everyday life, it is important to slow down the rhythm every now and then, to rediscover inner peace. We at theiner's garten are aware of this and we organize exclusive seminars and yoga classes to make your holiday richer.


Pilates is a complete body-shaping workout, which offers an extraordinary combination of strength and mobility. The muscles, especially the deep musculature, are lengthened and the entire body is toned. It helps posture and restores inner balance, improving the fluidity of movements in everyday life and in the practice of other sports. The exercises are variable and can be adapted according to the physical structure, condition and objectives of each individual.
Another main element is the attention to the positioning of the parts of the body, to counteract or prevent health problems due to incorrect posture. The exercises are accompanied by specific breathing techniques and the awareness of one's posture increases. The result? A feeling of well-being as never before.


In our bright fitness room on the panoramic terrace, we do not place limits on the desire for movement. Equipped with state-of-the-art cardio fitness equipment and medicine balls for a wide variety of relaxation exercises and to strengthen the back, it offers a panoramic view of the South Tyrolean mountains, transforming training into an interlude of genuine pleasure.
Don’t miss it: in the summer, the equipment is moved outdoors, offering unforgettable sensations in harmony with nature.

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