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Kneipp at theiner's garten

A better quality of life thanks to nature

The method developed by the parish priest Kneipp (1821 - 1897), one of the greatest and best known natural healers, and later by the eponymous association, is based on five pillars: nutrition, movement, herbs, water and harmony.
The effectiveness of hydrotherapy is based on the stimuli provoked in the nervous system by the application of hot and cold water on the skin, to strengthen the immune system.

The teachings of Kneipp

The teachings of Kneipp enhance the concept of health at theiner's garten in different areas, contributing to your complete well-being. We are happy to provide you with our advice to enable you to make healthy choices, even at home.




theiner's Kneipp Room:
corner for the jets
wooden tub
hay beds
... and above all, a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Walter Theiner's advice: the integral alternate jets

„The whole body is reached by alternate jets of hot and cold water. This treatment has a stimulating effect and activates the circulation. In addition, it strengthens the whole organism and stimulates circulation, metabolism and respiration.“