Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetic range is based exclusively on vegetable components which not only protect from external factors, but also stimulate the skin in its self regulating activity.

People have two beauties, one inner and one outer
Elisabeth Sigmund (cofounder of Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik)

Natural ingredients, selected officinal plants, a totally unique ideal for treatments and a main base which characterises both the cosmetics and also the methods of care: the skin possesses properties to regenerate and nourish it. Cosmetology needs only to assist it in this task. This is what Dr. Hauschka contradistinguishes. This self-regulating property of the skin can be weakened by the sun, wind or other factors. Dr. Hauschka cosmetology reawakens it. It reinforces the processes and the natural rhythms of the skin and protects it from external influences. The entire range of products, Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik is certified by the German quality trademark BDIH, the guarantee of controlled natural cosmetology.

Our Dr. Hauschka treatments

  • Dr. Hauschka classic treatment

    Dr. Hauschka classic treatment

    Treat yourself to a short but very special holiday: a relaxing foot-bath, gentle touches to arms and hands and perfumed pads help you to breathe deeply and are the ideal preparation for the subsequent facial cleansing and care using Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics natural products. Curative and cleansing face masks and intensive cures with vials that activate and regenerate. The complementary lymphatic stimualation with thin brushes has a decongestant function, purifying and strengthening the immune system.

    approx. 90 min. - € 105

  • Dr. Hauschka deluxe treatment

    Dr. Hauschka deluxe treatment

    Indulge yourself with a classic treatment, enriched by a delicate back massage.

    approx. 120 min. - € 129

  • Dr. Hauschka purifying treatment

    Dr. Hauschka purifying treatment

    An intense and deep cleansing with Dr. Hauschka natural products to tone and refine the skin. For a radiant complexion.

    approx. 50 min. - € 65

  • Treatment "An hour just for Me" Dr. Hauschka

    Treatment "An hour just for Me" Dr. Hauschka

    Individual facial treatment for your needs with ampoule, lymphatic stimulation with fine brushes and mask. The treatment does not involve deep cleansing and correction of eyebrows. the extra upper lip hair removal.

    approx. 50 Min. - € 69

  • Dr. Hauschka full body treatment

    Dr. Hauschka full body treatment

    Let yourself be delicately caressed, enjoying a profound sense of relaxation. The quality of the touches, in harmony with the rhythm of the breathing, and the delicate flow of the movements impart awareness and vitality to this experience.

    approx. 80 min. - € 99

  • Dr. Hauschka back treatment

    Dr. Hauschka back treatment

    In cases of back strain this treatment, using the same rhythm as the touches in the full body treatment, will return your sense of well-being.

    approx. 25 min. - € 39

  • Dr. Hauschka hands and feet treatment

    Dr. Hauschka hands and feet treatment

    A reviving treatment for tired and stressed hands and feet. This treatment provides our most precious "helpers" with relaxation and care at the same time.

    approx. 50 min. - € 65 

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