BIO Vital cosmetology

Unique and special

The biologically certified own production line of theiner’s garten cosmetics carries out a calming and restorative action.

During the manufacture of our fruit in the adjacent BIO fruit growing farmstead we have repeatedly noticed the beneficial action of fruit juices on our skin. For this reason we have decided to develop, in collaboration with a South Tyrolean producer of natural cosmetics, our own cosmetic range which makes the most of the active ingredients of apples and peaches. The fresh fruit extracts, 100% biological, carry out a hydrating and revitalising action on the skin. The trace elements, the fruit acids and the vitamins react directly on the skin. The creams and lotions with a peach base are especially recommended for young skin and provide a velvety and fresh skin. The pectin and the tanning present in the apple, instead, smooth mature skin, giving it elasticity and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Our treatments

  • facial treatment

    facial treatment

    Cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, apple, edelweiss or peach mask / achillea (yarrow) serum and apple or pear day cream.

    approx. 50 min - euro 65

  • back cleaning

    back cleaning

    Cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, pack and cream finish.

    approx. 50 min. - euro 63

  • Body treatments

    Body treatments

    body peeling with grape seeds or marble powder. Smooths and beautifies skin.

    approx. 20 min. - euro 39

    body peeling and massage with apple or peach lotion.

    approx. 50 min. euro 63

    salt and honey peeling followed by a dip in the hot tub.

    approx. 50 min. - euro 63

  • Cosmetic Products Bio Vital in Shop

    Cosmetic Products Bio Vital in Shop

    Our products are also available in the shop:

    - Shower shampoo apple or peach:   Euro 14
    - Bodylotion apple or peach:              Euro 29
    - Cream apple or peach:                       Euro 29

  • Refreshing apple

    Refreshing apple

    Peeling with apple
    Apple bath *
    Apple wrap
    Short full body massage with apple wrap

    approx. 80 min. € 107

  • soft skin like a peach

    soft skin like a peach

    Peeling with peach
    Peach bath*
    Peach wrap
    Short full body massage with peach wrap

    approx. 80 min. € 107

  • apple bath with whirlpool

    apple bath with whirlpool

    The apple is the symbol of the skin´s beauty. This bath restores new elasticity and freshness, especially for mature skin.

    approx. 20 min - 1 person € 36
    approx. 20 min - 2 people € 44

  • peach bath with whirlpool

    peach bath with whirlpool

    The peach bath is ideal especially for youthful skin. The skin becomes smooth and elastic.

    approx. 20 min - 1 person € 36 
    approx. 20 min - 2 pepole € 44

*it is cream or milk used for binding of the essential oil