Gargazzone natural swimming pool

The swimming pool in Gargazzone offers you the chance to dive into untouched nature. Absolutely no chlorine or chemical solvents are used for water purification. In an ecosystem similar to that of a natural lake, the synergy between aquatic plants, phytoplankton and zooplankton, as well as the replacement of pond water by plant filters and maintenance, provide unlimited fun for the whole family. If you want to say goodbye to dry skin, itchiness, chlorine odour and red eyes, the Gargazzone natural swimming pool is the ideal place for you.

The facility also features a large children's playground, a beach volleyball court, table tennis, foosball, deck chairs, picnic areas and a bistro, where you can find tasty salads, pastries, savoury temptations and, of course, ice cream.

Experience a perfect summer day by swimming outdoors!

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Gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff

A stop you won’t want to miss during your stay in South Tyrol are the Gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff. There are over 80 different botanicals with plants from all over the world, in a natural amphitheatre, as well as spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and beautiful Merano. During the summer season, you can enjoy a varied event program, from guided tours with workshops at evening concerts at the water lily pond.

Theme gardens, multisensory stations and art pavilions make a visit to this lush oasis an unmissable experience for all ages.

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Orchideenwelt in Gargazzone

The Raffeiner Orchideenwelt in Gargazzone is a unique European theme park, a theatre of evocative sensory experiences. Orchids from all over the world, Koi carp ponds and a small waterfall offer amazement for both young and old. A visit to the Orchidwelt, alone or with a guide, will offer unforgettable photo ops. After a delightful tour, you can savour a luscious slice of cake or a deliciously prepared dessert, immersed in a magnificent floral setting.
Come and discover the world of orchids—you will be transported into a world of a thousand colours and scents. As guests of theiner’s garten, you will benefit from a 10% discount on the entrance fee.

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