The orchards of our adjacent Bergerhof are ideal for allowing yourself a stroll in every season of the year!

In spring enjoy the first warm rays of the sun whilst being pleasantly embraced by the delicate perfumes of fruit tree blossom and hear the gentle buzz of bees. In summer, the fruits ripen, such as plums, and are a true delight to sample! In fact, what could be better than to taste fresh fruit straight from the tree? At the end of summer and in autumn, the apples, which in theiner’s garten can be enjoyed all year round, and the pears are finally ripened. And even winter fascinates with its unique atmosphere, when nature, in its deep sleep, diffuses a sensation of relaxation which is transmitted directly to both body and soul.

Furthermore, amongst the orchards of Bergerhof a pathway has been created to take walks or to practise jogging or Nordic walking.

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