The attention to nature concept is presented to guests from one side through the entire construction system of the Bio Vital hotel, and from the other through the private gardens.

Gaining inspiration from the orchards of the Bergerhof, the Theiner family, who already prior to undertaking the construction process, had strongly confronted the idea of the concept of a garden as an area of relaxation and also as a font of energy. Questions along the lines of, can the garden be considered an extension of the living areas, is an ecological and biological cycle worth the attention and how can the concept of a Bio Vital hotel be included in the garden as an oasis of inspiration, were all an influence on the planning and on the realisation of the project.

After various considerations, the idea was amazing. Not only the hotel itself, but even its single components were considered and dedicated to the different aspects of the garden. Therefore, today, besides the garden of nature, there are also the gardens of dreams, of gourmet, of wellbeing, of perfumes, of energy and of smiles.

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