Seminars and meetings in a sweet and relaxing atmosphere

In the garden of conferences

Are you planning meetings of more than one day (small groups of max. 20-30 people) or a seminar and you are looking for a particular location? Would you like to surprise your clients and commercial partners and offer them an additional value? Then at theiner’s garten you are in the right place: at your disposal you will find a room for seminars equipped with the most modern technology - the garden of conferences. Or why not organise your convention in the outdoors, in one of the gardens of our Bio Hotel? Discover how the force of nature can be a positive influence on the participants and contribute therefore in a significant way to the success of your event!

Are you a health or fitness trainer and wish to offer a holistic seminar to teach wellbeing and health? Then our Bio Hotel is the ideal place! Apart from the gardens, theiner’s garten offers a large fitness room and an area for exercise, and furthermore the active and cultural offers of our Bio Hotel will integrate perfectly with your own program.

What is it that makes theiner’s garten unique? Thanks to its’ constructive biological system, our Bio Hotel is completely free of agents that can have a negative effect on the environment, from electro smog and from toxic pollutants. For example, throughout the hotel wireless lines are not present. However, so as not to renounce a wide band connection, in the bedrooms you will find a network connection. Wires, sockets and switches are all perfectly shielded, so that they do not produce any damaging radiation. Theiner’s garten is, therefore, the perfect combination of modern technology, a return to origins and a pollution free style of life.

We will be happy to create a personalised offer for your seminar. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultancy!

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