At Gargazzone, at Merano and surroundings, is born

a new way of interpreting your holiday.

The story of success of one of the most innovative and avant-garde ideas, meaning a new way of “sustainable travel” of a Bio and Climate Hotel, began 5 years ago, when for the first time theiner’s garten opened its doors.

After years of brainwork and just one year of construction, the first, certified Climate Hotel, immersed in the vastest area of fruit growing in Europe, is pleased to welcome its guests, with its particular sensibility towards the protection of the environment. This story of success began more than 30 years ago, when the Theiner Family converted the Bergerhof, on which land theiner’s garten has been built, to biodynamic agriculture. A few years later, the family also undertook the road in the biological commercial sector - both wholesale and public - and still today manages in Bressanone the shop Pro Natura. It was during this period that they began to believe more and more in the desire to introduce also in the tourism sector, the advantages of a biological, ecological and sustainable life style, until at the end the concept became a reality. The result? An avant- garde construction in wood created exclusively from local timber, in which, despite the size and the complexity, there are absolutely no chemical gums or cements present. Furthermore, it is acoustically well isolated and completely free of damaging substances. It is a new way of interpreting a holiday , “which not only guests who are biological lovers appreciate, but allows us to create enthusiasm with new clients, letting them discover the world with a biological life style in an innovative way and to overcome prejudices”, claims the Theiner Family.


The history of the building:

The Theiner Family began the planning, the research, the trial stage and the study of the ecological building.

In December, the Theiner Family finally obtained the long awaited official concession and the construction phase began.

January 2008
Despite the winter, the excavation proceeded rapidly. During this phase some remains came to light, of a settlement of an ancient population of Rhaetians (approx. 1.500 A.C.). Most probably it was the remains of a wine cellar, in that the Rhaetains more than 3.000 years ago practised wine growing in this area. Up to 1958 on this property grapes were cultivated for wine. Covering the balconies of the rooms with the vines we continue with this 3.500 years old tradition.

February 2008
Electric cables and power plant: the main electric lines are installed in the land; the power plant is positioned outside and shielded by a cage of Faraday to protect the hotel from electromagnetic pollution.

March 2008
The cranes are positioned and the actual construction works begins.

April 2008
The foundations and the lower floor are created in the solid constructional system in concrete, as at the end they need to sustain a further five floors.

May 2008
Soligno wood for the walls: in the meantime, in winter, the company Reinverbund mounted and dried the wood for the Soligno walls during a favourable moon in the local woods. In the company based in Val Venosta, the wood is now assembled with a new procedure without glue and iron compounds, to the walls in the wings of our rooms.

July 2008 
Basement and staircase: the basement and staircase are ready, so that now the construction in wood can begin. The finished walls are delivered and the system of nailed stacked planks.

August 2008
Installation of the rooms: whilst the carpenters build one room after another (20 rooms are now ready), the electricians and plumbers prepare all the pipelines. The swimming pool is built in stainless steel, in that in this way materials containing PVC are avoided.

September 2008
The wing for the rooms’ progresses: the carpenters have almost finished the east wing of rooms. In the west wing, one floor is still missing. Will we be able to celebrate the roof covering by the end of September?
Wall heating: now the proceedings on the lower floors represent a beehive. The wall heating, which also cools the rooms in summer, are installed. With this system it is not necessary to adopt a conventional air conditioning implant. The walls are painted with ecological argillaceous material.

October 2008:

On 10th October is the party to celebrate the completion, up to the roof, of the raw building!

November 2008
Flooring: the construction work is going well, the timetable is rigorously respected! The heated flooring system has been defined; the isolation and the concrete castings are carried out timely. But not everything goes smoothly: in the relaxing room of the indoor pool the heated flooring has been installed too deep. Therefore, it is necessary, in the course of a hard process, to raise the tubing system and install underneath the necessary concrete cast.
DThe first rooms are almost finished: now we can present our “almost” finished rooms. It is still not sure if the wall in expanded clay is to be repainted. The bed linen and the sofas are still to be bought. The rest radiates naturalness and comfort. The aroma of wood is pleasant and the fantastic view from the balcony on the entire Valle dell ‘Adige is wonderful. The bathroom is spacious and elegantly furnished.

December 2008
The floors are cemented, the windows installed. Now the tilers are at work and the respective tiles are applied in the kitchen as in all the hotel. The coordination of the craftsmen runs almost without problems. The last carpentry jobs are assigned, in order to be able to start thinking about the furniture. The first collaborators are recruited and their experience made available to the company.

January 2009 
The hotel is taking shape: after the heavy snowfall during the month of December, the craftsmen have managed to finish the external facade under the direction of the Rubner company. With the exception of the external preparation of the garden area, everything is ready. The hotel deems a particular success: the first two weeks of opening, in particular the week commencing 28th March, are completely full.
The work is proceeding at full rhythm. All the companies involved are careful to respect the deadlines. The completion of work is expected for the first few days of March. In the meantime the team of collaborators is almost completely defined. Today we have put another milestone in the young history of theiner’s garten. The week from 29th March is fully booked; in the week from 21st March only a few rooms are still available.

February 2009
The work is finished! The construction work is over, the cranes dismounted. Now we are concentrating on the numerous finishing touches in the areas of preparation, the furniture and - if time permits - the external design, such as the garden, the construction of the play park for children and the definition of the area with the lake.

March 2009 The 21st March theiner’s garten opens its doors!
theiner’s garten has brilliantly overcome its baptism of fire and in the first weeks is already fully booked.

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