Ecological Holiday in the 1st Bio Hotel in Merano

Our nature is our worth

Ecology, a term which nowadays is on everyone’s lips and which is utilised well beyond its merely scientific aspect, to describe the relationship which man has with his environment or ways of reacting which contribute to the protection of nature or to its sustainable development. For some time now, this concept has made its entrance even in the world of the tourism sector, bringing increasingly more guests to bestow importance to an ecological holiday spent in a Bio Hotel.

For the Theiner Family the terms “ecology” and “ecological” refer to a harmonic and sustainable relationship with nature, with its resources, with the surroundings and with a natural style of life. In order to remain faithful to this philosophy of life and to be able to offer the guests an ecological holiday without however having to give up the more modern comforts, the master of the house, Walter Theiner and his wife Myriam have been compensated for the costs and hard work with the construction of the first Bio Hotel in Merano, showing themselves to be forever more resolute in reaching their objectives and satisfied only with the attainment of perfection in every minimal detail.

The result? The first Bio Hotel in Merano for an ecological holiday is an avant garde construction in wood created exclusively with local timber, in which, despite the size and complexity, there are absolutely no chemical gums or cements. Furthermore, it is well acoustically isolated and completely free of harmful substances.

Mr and Mrs Theiner have managed to successfully realise their dream of an ecological holiday and of a truly Bio Hotel in the area of Merano: it originated from a hotel project, which was then planned and realised in every minimal detail with the maximum respect for nature and its surroundings, whilst satisfying at the same time all the needs of “modernity” as requested by the guests.



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