Your Bio Vitalhotel

Garden of relaxation

Over the last years we have always given our guests a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make them feel at home, although having at their disposal all the services of a first class hotel. This is to allow them to leave behind the stress of daily life and be able to relax.
Waiting for you is, a place of silence and re generation, where you can free your mind of anxiety and worries, surrounded by the natural beauty of majestic trees and shrubs, which create an idyllic setting to find refuge and spend moments with absolute inner peace.

Many good reasons for staying at theiner’s garten

  • Pure relaxation thanks to the ecological construction system.
  • First rate wellbeing thanks to the avant-garde wellness services, to highly qualified collaborators and to exclusively biological products of high quality.
  • Electromagnetic pollution reduced by means of 100% shielded sockets and plugs and absence of wireless lines
  • Complete absence of toxic chemicals by the non-use of chemical gums and cements.
  • No annoying noise in the rooms thanks to a perfect acoustic isolation and a sophisticated constructional system.
  • The presence in theiner’s garten kitchen and on your plates of products coming exclusively from controlled biological cultivations.
  • Ideal starting point for unforgettable tours (excursions, bikes, etc.)
  • Large Mediterranean garden for relaxing.
  • Orchards in the adjacent biological farmstead, offering fruit and vegetables. Free fruit available (apples all year round).
  • Jogging pathway through the orchards of Bergerhof.
  • At the moment of harvesting, guests can gather fresh fruit from the trees.
  • Keep fit and vital program for relaxing the body and soul.

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