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From a dream to a leading Bio Hotel

Presenting theiner's

When we decided to build an eco-hotel in 2004, we had already entrusted the management and ownership of the Pro Natura store and the Bergerhof to our children. The organic store was entrusted to Armin and the certified Demeter farm in Ingo to Heike. At the beginning, we had in mind to create a "bio hotel" project in collaboration with a South Tyrolean hotelier. But things did not go quite as planned...

Looking for a hotelier

This external figure was to take over the management and our shares later. There was great interest and some buyers were introduced to us. However, nobody gave us the guarantee to respect the fundamental principle for theiner’s: maintaining a coherent biological philosophy in every area.

We'll do it ourselves!

In the meantime, our children were also "infected" by the idea of creating an ecological oasis. "We don’t need to involve anyone else, we can do it together as a family", they said with conviction. Said and done: we threw ourselves body and soul into the project.

A family-owned company

So that is how the family-run company theiner's Hotel Srl started. Today Ingo holds the position of chairman of the board and is the face of the company to the public. The corporate bodies are responsible for all the main decisions, the preparation and checks of the budget and the annual balance sheet. The operational management of the hotel is in the hands of the steering committee, formed by Myriam, Walter and Ingo. In weekly management meetings, we discuss work, problems and issues, always with the intention of motivating our team and offering the highest quality standards to you, the guests.

The Theiner family presents itself

Myriam Theiner

Theiner's angel
Fact sheet:
  • Position: member of the senior management and senior management committee
  • Area of expertise: purchase and administration
  • Hobbies: hiking, hotel and table decoration

„I have dealt with purchases in our wholesale business previously and in the last few years I have also helped my children in the organic store. For me it is not a burden, I do it willingly. I know all the suppliers and producers personally. I want to know what ingredients arrive in the kitchen! Only in this way can I guarantee the highest quality of the products.“

She moves behind the scenes, taking care of the well-being and health of guests. She is responsible for all purchases of furnishings, consumables and, above all, food (with strict organic quality control), as well as for accounting and payroll. She does not delegate the selection of products to anyone else, because she wants to be sure to keep her promise. Those who know her, understand this well: Myriam is always ready to listen to others, to provide valuable advice in every situation and to offer a word of comfort. Among her passions are the decoration of the tables and the different areas of theiner's.

Walter Theiner

Bio pioneer, Kneipp expert, hiking guide...
Fact sheet:
  • Position: member of the steering committee and senior owner
  • Area of expertise: assistance to guests and finances
  • Hobbies: hiking, vegetable garden, Kneipp

„For me it was clear: theiner's should be environmentally friendly in every aspect. The soil of our organic peach orchard seemed to be made specifically for this purpose. We were not afraid of the effort or the costs and sometimes we needed a good deal of tenacity to stay true to our green philosophy. I'm really proud of what we have achieved.“

...and above all, the creator of theiner's garten! Without his dream of a sustainable holiday and his aspiration for a biological lifestyle, our Bio Vitalhotel would not exist. Walter monitors finances, deals with structural changes, supervises renovation and improvements, takes care of the garden and assists you during your stay. In his capacity as manager for the purchase of wines and beverages, he works closely with the bar and the dining room service team. But you know him mainly as a hiking guide. In addition to planning the routes and leading the group, he is always ready with many interesting anecdotes about the territory, inhabitants, history and flora.

Ingo Theiner

Organic farmer with all his heart
Fact sheet:
  • Position: chairman of theiner's garten board of directors
  • Area of expertise: external representation of the company, for example as a member of the tourist association or local president of the Union of Hoteliers.
  • Hobbies: family, nature and distillates production

„From an early age, I knew that my path would lead me into the world of agriculture. Today I carry on the tradition of my family!“

Ingo manages the nearby organic farm, where different varieties of fruit are grown according to the Demeter principles. These natural delights are delivered to the kitchen of theiner's garten and then to your table. Part of the harvest is used to produce fine distillates, which you can enjoy as a digestif in the hotel bar, and buy in our shop.

Heike und Armin Theiner

Organic food pioneers
Fact sheet:
  • Position: on board of directors and member of the advisory board
  • Hobbies from Armin: scuba diving, dancing and baking
  • Hobbies from Heike: gardening, nature and travel

Heike and Armin have been managing the specialized "Pro Natura" organic store in Bressanone for over 25 years, continuing the tradition of their parents. They are on the board of the hotel but are not involved in the daily business. However, they are always available and are consulted for the most important decisions.

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