Garden of nature

The delicious fruit and the different types of vegetable, used in the kitchen at theiner’s, and the wonderful apples, available for guests all year round, come from the Bergerhof. This farmstead, Demeter certified, is managed by Ingo Theiner already in the third generation which for over 30 years, has operated according the principles of biodynamic agriculture. 

In the fruit orchards of Bergerhof eight varieties of apples are cultivated as well as apricots and plums. When the fruits are ripe they can be picked and eaten straight from the trees by the guests themselves. At the end of July you can find peaches and the first apples. The last apples are still hanging from the trees until the end of October.

Since 2006, esteemed distillates are also produced, which are offered at theiner’s garten. Only mature fruit, picked by hand, without added herbs and sugar are the base of the noble fruit distillates, winners of several International awards such as that of the most esteemed at the Destillata 2008 (gold for the Braeburn apple brandy and bronze for the peach, nectarine and Williams pear brandy).In 2009, at the “Best of Bio-Spirits” show, the Williams pear brandy reached a total of 19 points out of a maximum of 20 points and in 2010, at the “Aquae Nobilis Südtirol” exhibition, the apple brandy matured in wooden barrels was awarded 20 points out of 20, clearly winning the category.