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Tour suggestions in detail

difficulty low

The Rastenbachklamm gorge

From the sports complex in Altenburg we continue along the road for a few hundred metres until we reach a small car park on the left with the sign "Bärental". Via the Bärental (“Bear
Valley”) we descend steeply through a mixed soft/hard wood forest to the rocky entrance of the Rastenbach gorge. After a short detour to the waterfall, we climb up stairs to a beautiful outlook point and continue to the church ruins of St. Peter (3rd - 6th century). Then over the Europabrücke to the village of Altenburg with its beautiful Gothic church. Here you can stop for refreshments. Back to the starting point via a beautiful, almost flat path.

Click here for the video.

difficulty high

Tour to Punta Cervina

From Klammeben (upper station of the Hirzer cable car), follow the path 40, first along a short rocky stretch downhill and then through the slopes with no particular differences in level up to the Hirzer hut. From here, take path 5 east to the Hirzerhütte Tallner Alm. Follow trail mark 4/7 along a stretch of medium slope through the grassy hillside. The path becomes steeper, advancing along the serpentine path on a gravelly and rocky stretch up to the Punta Cervina fork. Finally, you arrive on the final stretch for the summit passing a short exposed stretch and conquer the summit without difficulty through the steep south-western side of the mountain. The descent takes place along the same path as the ascent.

difficulty high

Tour on Mount Muta

From Tirolo, a town near Merano, take the cable car to reach the "Hochmuth" hotel. From here, proceed in an easterly direction along the high road 22, through slightly sloped wooded paths to the "Mutkopf" hotel on the eastern ridge of the mountain. Continue along the forest road 22/23, through the ridge of the mountain, up to the junction, where there is a newsstand. Take path 23 and go up the hill without great difficulty along the steep eastern ridge. For the descent, it is preferable to follow the same path of the climb. From the "Mutkopf" hotel, you can also go down the Muta path ("Muter Weg") (signpost 23) to Tirolo.

difficulty high

Campanili del Latemar (Dolomites)

Reach Obereggen (about 45 min.) Take the chairlift to Oberholz (about 2,100 m). From here, you face the steep ascent between the Latemar towers, reaching the Forcella dei Camosci, then the Torre di Pisa hut (2.671 m). Our circular excursion ends on the southern side of the mountain group. Finally, return to the mountain station of the chairlift.
A challenging tour that requires a steady pace and good hiking boots.

difficulty high

Catinaccio (Dolomites): Hirzel trail - Passo Vaiolon

At Passo di Carezza, take the chairlift to Rifugio Paolina (2.127 m). Take the Hirzel path and face the steep ascent to the Vaiolon Pass (2,560 m). After descending, proceed towards the Roda di Vael hut. Crossing the pass requires a sure step and the absence of vertigo. More cautious souls can reach the hut with a pleasant walk on the Hirzel trail. The return to the Paolina hut takes place along the same path.

difficulty high

Monte Macaion

Gargazon-Lana-Passo Palade-San Felice-Lake Tret-Monte Macaion
The starting point of the excursion is San Felice (the last German-speaking locality of Val di Non). Follow path 9 to Lake Tret, located in an enchanting setting. Follow trail marker 512 for another two hours, which intersects with path 7 to a fork. The 512 and 7 trails lead to Monte Macaion (1,866 m), the huge rock “nose” that catches the eye south of theiner's garten. The return to San Felice takes place along the same route.

Here you find our video.

difficulty high (900 m in altitude)

From Gargazzone to Verano

From theiner's, turn left and then take Via Verano on the right. Pass some houses and a bridge (marked), reaching the other side of the Rio Eschio. Continue along a steep and winding stretch to the farms of Morosing, Pfrontscher and Steger. The view on the river gorge should not be missed. The tour continues on the splendid walkway that leads to the Verano mountain station. Take the cableway to Postal. From here only 3 km remain, along the sidewalk and through the orchards beside the road.

difficulty medium

Corno Bianco

Reach the Lavazè-Oclini Pass (about 1 hour) and climb up a gentle slope, accompanied by the mountain pines and the Dolomia rock up to the Corno Bianco peak (2,317 m), which offers a magnificent panoramic view. On the way back, we pass through the Gurndin hut. This tour, due to the relatively short and varied ascent, is also suitable for families. Young hikers (ages 10 and up) can experience a thrilling high-altitude adventure.

difficulty medium

Visit to the "stone men" on Hohe Reisch

Starting point: Campitello-Giogo di San Genesio car park. Following the signs for the Möltner Kaser Alpine pasture, go up to visit the "stone men". Then, take path P for Croce di Pozza (snack break). Follow the same path for a short distance and, finally, take path 5 to return to the starting point.

difficulty medium

Tour of the three castles in Appian

An excursion of medium difficulty that leads to the discovery of three famous castles: Castel Corba, Castel d'Appiano, and the ruins of Castel Boymont. The starting point of the tour is the small town of Missiano, more precisely the parking area just below Castel Corba. Initially, walk on the asphalt road, surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Then, enter a forest, following path 1 up to the chalk tower. Keep to the left and continue towards Castel Appiano, reaching it in a short time. Inside, you will find a snack bar, ideal for a break with a fantastic panoramic view. Finally, head for the ruins of Castel Boymont and, from here, return to Castel Corba.

difficulty medium

Path of the farms of the Val d'Ultimo

Path of the farms of the Val d'Ultimo
From Pracupola, head towards the final part of the valley up to the trail signs. Here, turn to the right and follow the sign "Ultner Höfeweg" on a small road immersed in the meadows, climbing slightly up to see the first farms. Continue along a mostly flat stretch through meadows and farms, entering the valley up to San Nicolò. You will face a slightly uphill stretch in the woods to reach the farms in the area of "Brunnwiesbachl" up to the end of the valley under the town of Santa Geltrude. Cross the bridge over the Rio Valsura and continue to follow the "Ultner Höfeweg" signs. While walking on the orographic right of the valley, you cross paths and several farms until you return to Pracupola along a mostly flat section through meadows and woods.

difficulty low

Roggia di Lagundo

This evocative itinerary starts from the parking lot east of Tel under Plars, next to the bridge over the Adige. From here, follow the clearly posted sign "Algunder Waalweg" advancing on a flat path to the east. After crossing the Plars road, continue along the irrigation canal to Grubbach near Lagundo. Here the path descends for a short distance and then returns to an even plane to Quarazze, where it flows into the road that leads to the church of San Pietro and the Via Tappeiner begins, leading to the east. Go back to the starting point along the canal.

difficulty low

Farmstead Hike in the Schnals Valley

From the first car park in Vernagt at the reservoir lake of the same name follow the sign "Tisenhof" on the access road slightly uphill through meadows up to the Tisenhof. From then on follow the path marked 7 and cross the nearby brook to Raffeinhof. From there on, the narrow, at times slightly exposed yet good Path 7 covers a fairly level stretch of the grass and larch slopes to reach the farmstead Finail. From there follow the access road briefly downhill to the first bend and take a right turn onto Path 8, which slopes slightly downhill through the woods to the Schnals Valley Road. Procede briefly downhill, then take a left following the signs "Seerundweg" briefly downhill to a fork in the path. Here you can choose left for the shorter route or right for the somewhat longer, but more rewarding (and therefore recommended) route over a wooden staircase up to the suspension bridge mentioned above. After crossing it, the path at first goes slightly downhill, then it levels out to a good path close to the lake back to the dam and, after crossing it, continues back to the starting point.
Click here for the video.

difficulty low

Tour of Lake Caldaro

The circular tour begins at the restaurant and parking area at the north-western corner of the lake. From here you can complete the itinerary (signpost 3 and "Seerundweg" signs) in both directions. We prefer the excursion counter-clockwise. First, follow a paved stretch, then a natural path on the west side of the lake to the south to the village of San Giuseppe al Lago. After crossing it and following the road for a short distance, take the old path to the south-western corner of the lake. Then, take a paved path and reach the east side, crossing the southern shore of the lake. First, however, follow the road for a short distance and take the path that winds in the distance to the north. Finally, complete the last part of the route to the west, returning to the starting point.

difficulty low

Fenn Promenade and earth pyramids at Renon

At the northern edge of the village of Collalbo, turn right onto the Fenn Promenade (signposted) and enjoy a pleasant hike along a stretch that is partly flat, partly slightly sloping around Mount Favogna eastwards to a first vantage point, where you can see the earth pyramids in the distance. From here, continue slightly downhill towards Longomaso up to the Café Piramidi, then turn right on a wide walkway through the slopes of the Rio Fosco valley, which offer different views of the earth pyramids. At this point, you can turn back. However, it is more rewarding to surpass the deep gorge through a beautiful path and a covered bridge, stopping at the shrine of Maria Saal.
Return: up to Longomaso along the same outbound route, then take the western stretch of the walk.

difficulty low

Circular excursion to the Knottnkino

Take the cableway from Postal to Verano. Here, follow the signs for the "Gasthof zum Grünen Baum" and follow path 14 to Knottnkino, on the Rotsteinkogel mountain. Then, take path 11 for the Leadner alpine pasture or the Waldbichl restaurant. Finally, take path 16 and return to the starting point in Verano. The excursion can also be completed in the reverse direction.

difficulty low

Tappeiner walk in Merano

From the parish church of Merano, proceed to the east to "Porta Passiria", reaching the beginning of the itinerary along the old Passiria road, with a slight slope. Turn left on the large walkway to the Torre Polveriera and continue westwards along a flat stretch to the village of Quarazze, where the walk ends shortly after the Unterweger restaurant, at Via Laurin. On the way back, follow the same path up to the Schlehdorf restaurant, then take the winding path downhill to Via Galilei and through the arcades back to the starting point.

difficulty low

Circular excursion to Gargazzone

From theiner's, turn left and follow the main road to Via Rio Eschio. Continue to the station of Gargazzone. Go around the football field and swimming pool, turning right towards Vilpiano. Pass between the two greenhouses to reach the main road. After crossing it, follow the signs for "Berghütten". The journey becomes much more difficult as you pass a couple of houses up to the panoramic path above the valley. Follow it until you return to the centre of the village. Finally, return to theiner's garten.

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