Discover on two wheels the variety and beauty of the wonderful natural scenery during a biking holiday in South Tyrol at the Bike Hotel theiner’s garten.

Independent of the fact whether you are bike lovers or true professionals, with either road bikes or mountain bikes, there are routes suitable for all tastes and all levels of difficulty. Families and fans will be spoilt for choice on the splendid cycle paths which follow the river Adige and along the wine road with numerous areas for picnics or refreshment rooms along the route. Professionals can put to the test their ability on Monzoccolo and on the numerous mountain passes. Regularly the guide Stefan Hütter will carry out emotional tours and will show you the most spectacular routes during your biking holiday in South Tyrol. Naturally, at Bike Hotel theiner’s garten you can hire the bike. 

Take advantage also, of the technical driving courses and the varied program offered by our partner Bikeacademy Lana.

Recommended bike routes:

Amongst the apple orchards of Val d‘Adige
It is mainly in spring and in autumn that the apple orchards of Val d’Adige fascinate with the colours of their blossom and their ripe fruit. Furthermore, this ride offers several treats for those interested in technique and culture.

Description of route:
In the immediate surroundings of the entrance to the pool at Gargazzone make use of the railway under pass to take you to the cycle path, which then follows in the direction of Merano. After 4 km you will find yourself in front of the railway station of Postal. Since 2012 the old restored iron bridge connects the cyclepath to the opposite bank of the river Adige. There you can also admire at close hand the old electric locomotive of the Apple Express. Still remaining on the cycle path, continue pedalling in the direction of Postal/Lana. Pass nearby the bathing facilities of Lana and successively reach a second electric locomotive. Follow further the cycle path, turning left after just 100 m to join the Via Sole. Between the apple trees continue until you reach the parish church of Lana di Sotto, known for its wooden alter by Schnatterpeck. In the immediate surroundings you will also find the Museum of South Tyrolean Fruit farmers. Follow, therefore the Via Lahn until Maso Gisshu?bel, from where you continue towards the right in direction of Rio dei Gamberi (Krebsbach). Passing close by the golf course, at Biotopo Rio dei Gamberi and to the fruit orchards, travel still straight on for almost 3 km on the tarmac road, until it joins the provincial road. Keeping to the left, cross the modest Rio Nalles following the road for 300 m, to then turn right. Follow this road which winds its way through orchards for 4 km, pass over two bridges and next to the bathing establishment, continue towards the Tourist Association, finally reaching, the Town square of Nalles.
The route then continues on the steep Via Vilpiano in the direction of Merano. After the bridge over the Adige turn left and, still following the cycle path, return to Gargazzone.

Palade Mountain Pass
Difficult tour by mountain bike in the area of Alta Val di Non.

Description of route
From Gargazzone turn towards the MEBO, cross it, and continue straight on and just before the mountain the Moosweg nr.18 pathway begins on the right, at the end of which the road takes you directly to the centre of Tesimo. Here, follow the road until you reach Pizzeria Tisene, curve right and take the road that leads to the Palade mountain pass. Successively, near a farmstead, you will arrive at a cross road. Take to the left the forest road (Mühlenweg). Follow this road as far as Bad Gfrill. Leave the Mühlenweg and take the road towards the Palade mountain pass. Now follows the last tiring part with an incline at times of 50%. Once you have arrived at Palade mountain pass, follow the pass road as far as Plazzoles. Turn left and take the road towards Plazzoles. Continuing straight on, you will join the forest road 10. It is advisable to lower the saddle, in that the road is, with a gradient of up to 49%, very steep. Nearby Völlaner Badl turn right and follow the road. After about 200 m distance from Völlaner Badl, turn just before the bridge. There now follows another climb. At the signpost “Buschenschank Hofstätterhof” turn left. Here a very narrow road takes you to the Ackpfeifweg. Follow this last road in the direction of Lana until turning right on the Krebsbachweg, which takes you back to the starting point of the Moosweg. Pedal back in the direction of Gargazzone.

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