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Yoga hotel near Merano, South Tyrol

The secret to a happier life

In our yoga hotel near Merano, South Tyrol, you can keep your body healthy and fit, rediscover inner peace, improve your concentration and increase your vitality thanks to this extraordinary discipline. The result? Greater success and harmony both in private and professional life leading to a happier existence.

Gabriele Maichel: the yoga expert in Merano

The expert in yoga therapy has been teaching yoga since 1994 in popular universities, mother-child care homes, orphanages and other cultural institutions. Since 2007 he has run his own studio in Merano / Lagundo, where he is dedicated to teaching this millennial discipline. He also brings his skills to theiner's garten, following the style of Heinz Grill, based on the idea of the symbiosis between spirituality and everyday life. This technique is distinguished by breathing: as a rule, the exercises allow breathing to flow freely. In this way, the inner self’s awareness can be more easily oriented towards the outside. In sessions with Gabriele, in addition to training the body, inner activity and thought are stimulated. The primary objective is that each participant takes a personal step forward.

Gabriele Maichel on his many years of experience at theiner's garten...

„The lessons in the spacious and bright fitness room at theiner's garten are always something unique. The whole environment seems to be made to practice this discipline and the wide view of the valley suggests a wide arc of movement. In each session, a different dynamic develops, because the participants change continuously. After all these years, I know the habitués. The weeks of yoga and basic fasting have been very intense so far. During a longer period, I have the opportunity to get in tune with the participants and to achieve greater physical and mental development. This full immersion transforms numerous "beginners" into real "yogins". For me the best thing is when the guests leave the room with a reinforced and naturally straight back.“

Interesting facts...


The word "asana" describes the practice of yoga in general and translates as "sitting". Furthermore, it identifies specific positions. The different poses can be performed into simplified or more demanding variants. This millennial discipline teaches the body to take on a certain aesthetic form. In this way, greater awareness is acquired.
A first sensation of "inner stillness" is experienced during the position of the tree, while the sun salutation combines rhythm and movement in the sequence of exercises.

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